Partners Senior Advantage is a privately held licensed brokerage firm headquartered in Eden Prairie, visit web MN specializing in Medicare product sales. Recently, diagnosis there has been tremendous growth in the Medicare industry due to the aging baby boomer population. Medicare offerings fluctuate on an annual basis due to changes in private company offerings, doctor provider networks, drug formularies, and premium costs. Every year there are new plan offerings and plan changes that can be confusing to keep track of.

At Partners Senior Advantage, we are committed to providing individuals interested in learning more about their Medicare choices a comprehensive overview of their options. Individuals that are better informed about their plan options, are better equipped to select the Medicare plan(s) best suited for them.

The Partners Senior Advantage brokerage network includes brokers across the country who are certified to sell Medicare products, or can refer you to someone who is. In addition, all brokers licensed to sell Medicare products under Partners Senior Advantage are required to complete a comprehensive Medicare sales compliance certification training program.